IPhone and your locations

Now with all the fuss about the Apple and their user tracking gadgets, i am surprised that it took people this long to actually took notice of their iPhone’s capabilities (talk about paranoid conspiracy theorist), it is time for us to relax and reflect on the good side of this supposedly hidden file on your iPhone.

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For all of you iPhone users out there that likes to take pictures with your phone you might want to try Instagram,

It’s a simple photo sharing app that can work with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. And you can also edit your pictures to have certain effects like tilt shifting, Lomo effects and even saturates.

What’s good about this App is how you can quickly skim through your friend’s pictures and comment on it and vice versa,

If you are a photo Enthusiasts with an iPhone and likes to take pictures so people can tell you how good you are, then you should probably try it. Available on Apple App Store.

Pwn2own round 1: IE8 and Safari out!

Pwn2Own is a computer hacking contest held at the annual CanSecWest security conference, beginning in 2007. Contestants are challenged to exploit specific software (especially web browsers and other web related software) / computing platform targets. Contestant winners receive the device/computer that was successfully exploited and a cash prize. -wikipedia

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Apple vs Shareholders

Apple is basically single-handedly ran by Steve Jobs, he oversees every single developments Apple had made, kind of like an Absolute Monarch having the final say on everything the company decides on and now that his actual health status is still in the shadow, the Institutional Shareholders Services (ISS) demands Apple to give out their succession plans. Knowing Apple’s stand on transparency, the board of directors are highly against it and against voting someone from the board to replace Jobs.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Steve Jobs ‘Close to terminal’

Well, as many of you know, Steve Jobs is CEO of Apple and he had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer since 2004. And today, he was reportedly ‘Close to Terminal’. We here at FNATECH been monitoring the news waiting for someone to say it’s all a hoax but alas, for 8 hours now, no one came to the rescue and it’s time to report.

Reports also say he “has six weeks (to live)”


a picture of Steve Jobs literally behind a terminal


and for those of you who are into Shares and all that stuff, it’s probably the best time to buy some Apple Shares