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guy die due to gravity in 3.. 2.. 1..


Manic Monday: the monday after rapture

Well, if you are not dead yet, today is the Monday right after Rapture. It seems that the only person that ascended is the predictor Harold Camping, he is still missing, and he should be, a lot of people are angry at him. According to him, all non believers will die by 21st October 2011, by a giant earthquake that happened on Saturday 21st, 2011, but people should also know that it’s a sin to truly believe in predictions.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

Foxconn have confirmed the 3rd death caused by an explosion in their ipad-2-making factory, while 9 more are still hospitalized. The explosion is caused by the accumulation of ultra fine aluminum dust which may have been caused by bad filter and ventilation. But don’t worry, Foxconn did release a statement stating that the explosion will not slow the production of iPad 2, and we here say, just enjoy your iPad 2, knowing that people actually dies making it.

Microsoft finally closed down a side project of theirs called the Pioneer studio, which was designed to be as far away from the corporate world as possible. What they didn’t know is that not being in the corporate world also means that your ideas will not fly with corporate people, which means your idea is just a dream until the corporate people decides to make it true. Pioneer Studio, which is famous for the not-to-be Courier tablet and the interface on windows mobile interface have the swankiest office around, but only 20% of their projects was successful and that ultimately put a tombstone on their name.

Goodbye EncyclopediaDramatica

A website that I frequent to is no longer there, the website in context is, a website that catalogs the happenings on the internet. Written and maintained by the people in the deep dark sectors of the internet, the so called EDiots, it offers a safe and albeit offensive route to the know-how of the internet and it is, with no arguements, is better than As of April 16th, 2011, was removed from the face of the earth and morphed into a mixture of both and, a docile and clearer vision of what ED was suppose to be, called

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League Of Legends RADS error

Started few hours ago, players all over the world reported an error with their League Of Legends Client, Riot! is currently trying to rectify this problem as soon as they can.

Riot! have been having a rough few months following the earthquake in Japan and the gradual failing of their servers both EU and US with players all over the world reporting lags and buggy gameplay. Just this week, Riot! experienced gradual failing with their servers following the updates of their main game, League Of Legends, to version v., although the problem was apparently fixed, they nonetheless hit another wall today as their client is ridden with RADS error. I myself as a LoL player is affected by this and wishes Riot! to fix this as soon as they can, I NEED MY LoL FIX!

Riot! do have a diagnosis thread opened up, here

Google Venture invested $168M in Solar Energy

Not long ago, Google Ventures invested in BioFuels as an alternative energy, now they have invested USD$168M in California solar power energy, a project led by BrightSource Energy in the Mojave desert.

The solar power that Google is investing in does not involve rows of photovoltaic panels, which will be expensive to maintain in the desert, it’s more to redirecting the sun’s ray into a single focal point where it will heat up a container of water up to the boiling point. And from then on, it’s just like the conventional coal or oil and gas power plant we have right now.

The new plant will generate 392 megawatts of power — enough to take around 90,000 cars off the road over 25 years, according to Google. BrightSource Energy’s power tower will be around 450 feet tall and use 173,000 heliostats — devices that mount two mirrors and move them to direct sunlight to the top of the tower. The project should be finished in 2013, and is also funded by NRG Energy

And i can’t help it that i find the picture of Helios ONE to be very appropriate in this context.