IPhone and your locations

Now with all the fuss about the Apple and their user tracking gadgets, i am surprised that it took people this long to actually took notice of their iPhone’s capabilities (talk about paranoid conspiracy theorist), it is time for us to relax and reflect on the good side of this supposedly hidden file on your iPhone.

An Apple device advocator, Alex Levinson, wrote on his blog that there are three major points that the masses did not actually realised after the news of the hidden files went overblown by the media

  • Apple do not collects the data (it’s illegal)
  • The hidden files are neither secret nor new
  • it was discovered loooong ago
read more at his blog

and we here at fnatech, feels that we too can make a list


1. Much like OnStar, your phone may have the ability to be thief proof. When it is stolen, you may have the capability to;

  • trace your perpetrator, from the moment the perpetrator lifted your phone, to his favourite cafe, to her house and maybe just in your other pocket the whole time
  • if the perpetrator turn your mobile off, you can turn it back on, actually, most phones have this capabilities nowadays, but nonetheless it will be cool to do it. If he makes a call, you can listen to it too AND turn it off just for the kick of it.
  • Although the chances of this one is pretty slim, you may be able to broadcast what your phone camera is looking at. I said low chance because, it’ll probably spent most of it’s time in the perpetrator pack most of the time.

2. It will not be long now before someone invent an app to retrace all your steps, you know, incase you lost something or need to find something. And as a tribute to the great xkcd.com i made this comic
ahh.. i love xkcd, like FNATECH, it is updated very slowly.

3. Turn by turn navigation for iPhone is available for when you are driving, now imagine if you you need to navigate inside a big mall, or inside any big building. You might want to have one of those Head-On display that directs you to your designated location. Now this here is just a rough idea of what lies ahead

i dont know about you, that would be cool, especially with the fallout HUD

Enjoy your iPhones everybody.

p/s: i don’t know a single way how those stuff mentioned above can backfire on the user, NONE AT ALL.


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