Goodbye EncyclopediaDramatica

A website that I frequent to is no longer there, the website in context is, a website that catalogs the happenings on the internet. Written and maintained by the people in the deep dark sectors of the internet, the so called EDiots, it offers a safe and albeit offensive route to the know-how of the internet and it is, with no arguements, is better than As of April 16th, 2011, was removed from the face of the earth and morphed into a mixture of both and, a docile and clearer vision of what ED was suppose to be, called


  • Eventhough created by a women, Sherrod DeGrippo a.k.a. GirlVinyl, every page in ED is tainted with sexism, most notably the meme “women belongs in the kitchen”
  • ED is, as said by GirlVinyl, a once noble pursuit of lulz, corrupted by immature elements. Immature elements are most likely to be the dwellers of the corrupted sectors of the internet a.k.a. Chantards
  • ED is so corrupted, there is a game for it’s visitor called the ‘ED porn challenge’, how many times can you press the ‘Random Page’ button without encountering nude photos.
  • OhInternet, ED successor, is right now being subjected to wiki wars mainly with the ED advocaters.

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