Sony sites undersiege

If you haven’t notice, Sony sites have been down several times now due to DDoS attacks by the Online Activist group Anonymous. This all goes back to Sony’s treatment of PS3 hackers GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo, and, well, implying that anyone who had seen information related the PS3 Jailbreaking was guilty of heresy or some other ancient crime. Anonymous, the group perhaps most famous for its actions in defense of Wikileaks, said enough was enough, and said yesterday that Sony was next on its radar.

In a letter posted to the group’s site, Anonymous says that Sony has “abused” the judicial system, and that it has “victimized” its own customers in order to suppress information. This all stems from Sony’s removal of the ability to instal Linux on the PS3. As a result of Sony’s misdeed it will now be “trampled on.

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