Net Neutrality in jeopardy

In USA, the FCC is trying to regulate the internet, this is a violation of Net Neutrality principle that we currently practice. The regulation of the internet means the internet will be fragmented and only certain people can access certain information on the net. Which means, those in control can effectively block and control the performance of your internet, which can be seen practiced in China. But unlike China, the US hosts a lot of servers and what these means is if the FCC proposal comes into effects, we would have limited or local only access to the internet.

Currently, the servers are clutters around the world and are connected with each others, under the Net Neutrality act, but if it is to be abolished, these servers would have limited connection to each others, imagine clicking a link on Google only to find out you don’t have access to it.Don’t have to go far, we here in Brunei can’t access

Consumers as a whole are tied to the issue, while those in the business of the Web could be affected on a greater scale, especially those who use direct distribution. As an example, Senator Al Franken warned of companies such as Comcast Corp., which has taken action to charge Level 3 Communications Ic. more for services used by Netflix Inc. to stream movies on its network. Adoption of such practices could affect pricing and options for entertainment online and hurt those who are in creative fields such as film, music and development. Notes from Franken’s presentation include how musicians leverage the Internet for marketing purposes but are in danger of paying tiered services for content, which he says would limit the size and scope of bandwidth capabilities for independent business.

“You’re not just tech innovators – you’re job creators,” said Franken. “The end of net neutrality would benefit no one but these enormous companies.”


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