Introducing Internet2

Internet2 sounds like a sequel to the current Internet and it is, It’s nationwide ultra high-speed education network, announced that it will increase the network’s speed by a factor of nearly 900.  The network’s existing speed is already approximately 1,000 times as fast as a the fastest widely-available high-speed residential connection in the USA. Vietnam is now implementing Internet2 into their system too having a network that spanned 500 kilometers, connecting the cities of Vinh and Danang.

What’s the difference between Internet and Internet2?

Internet2 is all optical, currently having a stable 100Gbps connection for draft mode but it can go up to 8.8Tbps in test mode. Having learned the lesson from the olde Internet, Internet2 is closely guarded and only available for institutions, such as schools, library, hospitals and such. The rule is there is to be no porn, no advertising, no fake content or bogus sites and that all sites must be real sites and not infomercials. Of course, the internet once was like this and was only available to the public after 10 years, all this may change without proper planning.

There are no plans to compete with the old Net. It will continue to grow as a wild marketplace. Internet2 will be more like Public Broadcasting, non-profit with sponsors. We wish them well and for heaven’s sake, hurry up already.

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