RockMelt assessment

We have given RockMelt 24 hours of assessment, we even got some test subjects a taste of RockMelt and most of them reply with




and if that is not enough to convince you how good it is, we are going to delve even deeper into the amazing-ness of this new browser. 

RockMelt is a blend of Chrome, Firefox and Facebook all into one, It integrates beautifully with other websites too, like twitter, tumblr, blogs and online news. And to top it all off, they put in some RockMelt blend of their own, tabless Google search, notifications of new updates from websites, akin to RSS but simpler, and chatting with your Facebook friends have never been easier.

To the Left you got your Facebook chat panel, to the right all your subcriptions, and top right corner is the tabless search option.


Facebook chat panel


Subscription right panel


and the Tabless search panel



and about the speed, it’s based on chrome, so it’s pretty fast, and beautiful. Although it’s far from perfect yet, this browser is still in BETA stage and there are some bugs that i have encountered. Javascripts are not as smooth or responsive as on Firefox, and It uses way too much system memory, especially if you subscript to lots of websites.

On this laptop, theres 10 RockMelt processes running amounting to 245,000KB of system memory, way surpassing my Minefield Browser with only 145,000KB usage.

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