the dreaded sudo rm -rf

My little sister manage to fill the 40gb hard disk on the desktop with Korean videos and songs, and yesterday, the computer just won’t boot. It’s running on Ubuntu 10.04, i refused to upgrade it after reports saying 10.10 is buggy. So anyways, Gnome power management unable to boot properly resulting in the inability to login with the GUI. So i thought, let’s just delete one of the ‘useless’ directory.

~ cd Videos

~ rm -f WGM
unable to remove directory

~ rmdir -f WGM
unable to remove: Directory is not empty

then i have this dreaded feeling flushing down my body, i have to use ~ rm -rf WGM and it actually work, it’s quite safe unless you used ‘sudo’ on anything before this and now the desktop is able to boot again.

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