Beluga is a mobile app that aims to be a Free, Private group mobile messaging app. It’s simple GUI is comparable with the facebook app for iPhone and Android, not surprising since Facebook have acquired Belugapod and it is surprising why it hasn’t caught on yet with the millions of smartphone users.

Beluga is perfect for:
– Staying in touch with family and close friends.
– Planning a nights out & other events
– Making spontaneous plans
– Keeping up with all your different circles of friends

Features include:
– Pods are completely private — no over-sharing.
– Send as many messages as you want — no text messaging fees.
– Full multi-way communication — everyone in a pod sees every update.
– Real-time alerts using push notifications
– Control alert settings for each individual pod
– Share photos and location with your pods
– Invite anyone in your contacts list with an email or mobile phone
– Add a member to a pod at any time to instantly loop them in to the conversation
– Access your pods from anywhere on any device with a web browser.

Beluga is available at for Blackberry Android and iPhone and your only problem is convincing your friends to use it too.

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