GetJar Removed Opera products from its list


Getjar is one of the most used app store during the symbian days and it still is one of biggest app store albeit it is losing it’s attraction. And had recently removed Opera browsers from it’s list stating that Opera had violated its terms and condition by having it’s own app store and Getjar cannot promote any competiting app store. Opera Mini had been one of the most downloaded app on Getjar but Getjar cannot afford promoting apps that divert it’s users to another app store.


we all have to make a living


And It won’t be surprising if other App store (Android Market, Apple App store, Nokia Ovi store) starts removing Opera mini from their lists too.


and Getjar Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Mork, have this to say to it’s users

The simple problem is that Opera mini decided to include a competing app store in its browser. Although we don’t have any issue with this in principle, in practice it means that consumers might start using this app store instead of visiting GetJar to get their favourite apps. This robs GetJar of traffic and therefore of the advertising necessary to keep our service free for the more than 25 million consumers that use GetJar. It also jeopardizes an ecosystem that has generated over 1.6 billion downloads for tens of thousands of developers who depend on us to make money from their apps. Don’t get me wrong: we’re happy to go head-to-head with any other app store and are certain that once you’ve tried the Opera App store you’ll find the depth of content, discovery and download from GetJar more compelling than ever. But it’s an another thing entirely to help competitors grow their business at our expense or that of our community.

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