6990 Pros and cons

AMD ATI recently released another beast of a card codename Antilles a.k.a the Radeon HD 6990.



And after reading a number of reviews, available in a list here, i have decided that benchmarkreviews.com pretty much sums up the pros and cons of HD 6990:


+ Unmatched top-end DX11 graphics performance
+ Dual-BIOS switch enables performance boost
+ Drives five-display portrait mode Eyefinity (Using MST hub)
+ Cayman GPUs enable stereoscopic 3D functionality
+ Fan exhausts most heated air outside of case
+ Multi-view CODEC enables 3D Blu-ray playback
+ Improves DisplayPort to 1.2 with display chaining
+ Supports dual-mode AMD CrossFireX functionality


– Extremely expensive enthusiast product (Bnd 900 here)
– Heated exhaust is vented back into case
– Audible cooling fan at idle, noisy under load (70dB ie,busy highway from 1 meter)
– AMD HD3D products are hard to find

and depending on your PC case, this card may not fit as it is VERY large

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