Essential programs for Windows and Linux

wonder what programs are essential when fresh installing Windows or Linux OS? wish there is a program that installs all those essentials for you? well, we here at FNATECH have found just the right solution.

Introducing Ninite,

Ninite, basically you go to the website and just choose from a lists of essential programs (that are free of-course) and it installs all that automatically for you with no hassle. You do need to give it the right permission first though and after that just sit back and relax.

PROTIP: you can use the programs that are already installed while waiting for the rests to finish downloading and installing.

and if you are still not sure:

Here’s a comprehensive lists of what you should have,

– an antivirus (firewall is a plus) = Windows could just use MSE, Linux don’t really have to worry

– a Browser = Firefox, Chrome, Opera

File compression tool = 7zip, Winrar

Media player = VLC, Foobar2000, Adobe Flash

Hardware Drivers for graphics card, sound card and printer if you have one.

other than that it’s just a matter of preference.

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