Top 5 add-ons for Firefox

FNATECH have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox several times and every time, these 5 add-ons are always reinstalled because it’s absolutely fantastic.

1. NoScript

This add-on is quite essential if you don’t want annoying pop-ups and any unwanted scripts to run without your consent. It requires some discipline and knowledge of whether a webpage is safe for access or not, and it can be use to save money if you are surfing using a limited or capped internet.

2. WOT

Web Of Trust shows you whether a website is safe or not, visually and physically, it’ll ask you whether you want to access a site if it has a known reports of virus or if it is a known scam site. Ran by a community of other internet users, the system used is pretty much like the traffic light. Green is go, Yellow is careful, and Red means Stop. It has a synergy when used with NoScript.

3. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus do what it says, block ads, it doesn’t require as much discipline as NoScript and infact, it doesn’t really need any configuration, it works base on an existing list of ads and you can add your own ads to block into the list, it does however have a hard time blocking pop-ups.

4. Orbit downloader

Orbit Downloader is simply the first choice when it comes to download manager, it’s simple to use, and it caters to most of your downloading needs. But it’s far from perfect, it might be the first choice, but some of us moved to jdownloader and FlashGet after few weeks of usage.

5. Screenshot Pimp

it takes screenshot of not what you only see, but the whole webpage, so as a result you can archive a webpage in the form of a picture, although you wont be able to click any links there but it’s pretty useful when all you need is already in the page.

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