Windows 8 Speculations

a picture appeared regarding the up and coming Microsoft Windows 8 and the first question asked was

How will Microsoft mess things up this time?

and people got alot to say:

– *sarcasticly* Need more Transparency

– They’re redifining spelling

More memory usage?

ARM everything (ARM is more commonly used in Mobile phones and tablet PC and it has no legacy compability, developing software for it will be hard)

Microsoft will mess up Cloud Computing

Very heavy core OS folder

Useless User Interface (Gloss , transparency)

Windows finally have multiple desktops (workstations) but the problem is you got to have all the workstation visible at all time (one workstation with all your windows open)


it’s time for me to use Gentoo, and i was hoping that time will never arrive ( Gentoo is an alternative linux OS)

Bing everywhere

The whole UI is based on ribbons

atleast the will break the hardware with something modern

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