Steve Jobs Birthday and Julian Assange extradition

Today is the 24th of February of 2011 and it’s Steve Job’s 56th birthday, while the actual nature of Steve’s health is not released yet, rumors of him going sicker and sicker grows exponentially. Why can’t Apple just be honest and tell the world what is really happening to Apple’s big boss? With the money he’s making he could just build a machine and become Mr.House from Fallout: New Vegas if he really wants to. Write new OS just for the computerized body he will residing in and build robot minions to run business remotely for him. Meanwhile, Apple shares are going up amid the rumor of the new iPad 2 that is going to be released soon.

not the new ipad 2

In another news, Julian Assange lost the fight against his extradition to Sweden on the base of supposed rape accusation. Julian Assange is famous for releasing massive amount of classified intels which really shows the world what is happening behind the desks of some of the world leaders. While the intels are mostly harmless and have been in circulation before this, it nonetheless confirms the suspicions many have had on a lot of events.

On November 28, 2010 Wikileaks started publishing a small section of the total 251,287 cables sent to the US government from various embassies around the world. A mixed bag of top secret and kind-of-secret reports, most of which gave scathing assessments of world leaders and their policies, through the eyes of the US ambassadors sent abroad:

PAKISTAN: US believes that they, under economic pressure, may sell enriched Uranium (capable of making a nuke) to terrorists

CHINA: China discusses a unified Korea under South Korean rule, and say they will make it happen by leaving North Korea to decline by itself and letting it collapse after the death of its official religious deity, Kim Jong-il

SOUTH KOREA: US and South Korea discussed a unified Korea, and SK has considered commercial inducements to China in order to get it

GUANTANAMO BAY: The US has pressured countries to take prisoners from there (into their own prisons) in return for favors

AFGHANISTAN: The Afghan Vice-President was found with $52million in cash when visiting UAE (implying massive levels of corruption)
Russia: Berlusconi and Putin have a very close relation, been exchanging lavish gifts

CHINA: China really did hack Google China, and has also hacked western government and corporate PCs

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi donors are still the chief sponsors of Al Qaeda + King Abdullah dislikes Iraqi and Pakistani leaders.

GERMANY: US warned Germany not to arrest CIA officers involved in a bungled kidnapping of a German civilian

ISRAEL: Israel planned to strike Iran offensively if Iran continues nuclear development. Israel’s intention for the blockade of Gaza was to keep Gaza perpetually “on the brink of collapse without pushing it over the edge.”

YEMEN: Took credit on US’ request for missile strike on Al Qaeda.

IRAN: US is getting increasingly worried that Iran has the capabilities to produce Uranium. Ahmadinejad was also compared to Hitler.

LIBYA: Dictator Qaddafi has a “Ukrainian nurse” companion that never leaves his side + he reneged on a deal to return uranium to Russia, after having loaned it to a scientist for a project involving a stainless steel car. Now, Russia wants its woman back.

BRITAIN: Cameron has been reported to be “easily intimidated” and “indecisive” by US Intelligence

ARGENTINA: Hillary Clinton wanted to know if President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is crazy and if she was taking drugs.

VENEZUELA: Chavez should be isolated from the world.

U.N.: Hillary Clinton ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on diplomats of other nations at the U.N. which is, ironically, completely banned by the U.N. Charter. She even went as far as ordering them to gather DNA, fingerprints, iris scans, credit card numbers, and frequent flier numbers of other diplomats.

Obama has had a tough time speaking out against the biggest security leak in history since he basically campaigned on the idea of making government more “transparent”. White House speech writers have suggested that he have a press conference in front of a banner that says “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”.

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