Chinese gamer dies after serious gaming

In Beijing, a chinese gamer died after playing games, or rather, game if it’s an MMORPG, for 3 days straight without sleep and minimal nourishment.

What’s the difference between a guy that lasts a week in a desert with no food and drinks and a gamer that dies after 3 days of gaming? – the guy in the desert slept.

The 30 year old gamer spent more than BND 2000 on the previous month on gaming, it’s not really staggering, one of fnatech member, an ex 4story player, have met a Robotics Engineer that spent more than £ 3000 upgrading his stuff so it’s Shining and a software developer that spent USD 10,000 over the years on gaming alone. Although, non of which played the games for more than 24 hours straight like this Chinese guy though.

Given the fact that he was playing games for 3 days straight, he was either got day-offs or got fired,i think it’s the latter, which means gaming is probably his method of suicide. And he will go straight to low ELO hell. Atleast, he defeated the South Korean gamer that died after 50 hours of gaming in terms of gaming survivability.


Luckily, the 4story player of fnatech stopped playing that game after his guild leader was banned from playing the game after his wife destroyed his laptops and his boss fired him.

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