Firefox 5 incoming

while Firefox 4 is still in BETA mode, Mozilla is already planning on making Firefox 5

here’s a list of things in Mozilla’s UI teams note for Firefox 5:

  • Responsiveness
  • Improved Sharing
  • Location bar cleanup
  • Home tab
  • App tabs global, chromeless
  • Silent updates, stub installer, Mac install experience (talk to Rob Strong about edge cases)
  • 20 papercuts: tab sliding, plugin focus, add-ons 3 sec warning
  • Download manager?
  • Panorama goals?
  • New tab page? (Markov chain  analysis, what are you about to do? If URL is on clipboard, make that  available? Time- and location-based?)
  • Sync should sync things that are unsunc, like panorama groups
  • Panorama should have a group for your mobile device (and we remove “tabs from others computers”)
  • Panorama should treat windows as groups

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