Trick Number One In The Trade


Have your computers ever been hijacked? Like that time when your web browser was messed up that every web address you typed lead you to one website only or that time when your file associations were modified that you could not open anything (up to the point where you had to run explorer.exe manually and navigate through cmd). I am guessing no or when it did, you probably paid someone around thirty (30) dollars to fix it for you when you could have done it yourself.

The program shown in the picture above, is the first step, on the road to your salvation. It does motherfraken everything and I mean it. Malicious processes up in your bizncomputer? It will kill it with fire! File associations messed up? It will revert your registry to globally accepted defaults! You do not know how to cook? It will teach you! Have erectile dysfunction? Ehh, cannot help you there … then again, no one can.

I probably over-hyped the program but seriously though, it is a good first step to ensuring your computer’s security. It is not the end of all evil though, it is only an initiator, you will need to enlist the help of other programs to completely remove yourself from the evils of the world. Get rkill here.

Just in case you do not like to read much. Here is a summary of this post:
“This program kills malicious processes, after running it, do not restart your PC but instead run a scan with another anti-virus program.”

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