Firefox4 vs ZaWarudo3

ok ok it’s actually

Firefox4 vs TheWorld 3

The Browser Battle is a match to see which browser is the better browser,

all browsers will be subjected to six tests which will be:

1.Acid3 test
2.Browsermark test
3.Sunspider Javascript test
4.HTML5 Sudoku test
5.Canvas Rendering test
6.Psychedelic test

Descriptions of each tests can be read on my previous post. HERE

Today’s match up is between one of the top dogs and one of the underdogs,

Firefox 4 is the successor of Firefox 3 which is quite famous among computer users regardless of the OS used. Created by Mozilla, it’s famous for being free, easy to use and reliable. It offers add-ons and extensions which really makes Firefox feels very homely and you can customize it to your likings.

TheWorld 3 is a relatively unknown browser based on the Internet Explorer 9, you see, dedicated modder + good browser must mean something right? well, that is what we here at FNATECH try to figure out.

And the computer’s specifications are as follows:

And like my previous post, Note that the following tests are done with minimal background programs running and similar tests are done in similar environments, all the results are as it is. If you happen to acquire different results, it may be due to the difference in computer hardware and many other reasons.

First test, Acid3:


TheWorld 3

Results: Being based on Internet Explorer 9, that results was expected. Firefox > TheWorld

Second Tests, Sunspider




Unless you move at the speed of light, or are performing a really long java script, this results is negligible. But alas TheWorld > Firefox

Third Test is the Canvas test

Firefox4 did 28FPS

TheWorld3 did 38FPS (way better than Internet Explorer 9)

Fourth Test is the Sudoku test




There seems to be an improvement for Firefox when compared to Minefield but as for TheWorld there seems to be a slowdown when compared to Internet Explorer 9. But Still, the improvement of Firefox is still not enough to win against the modded Internet Explorer 9, TheWorld 3.

The Fifth Test is the Browsermark Test




TheWorld scores worst than Internet Explorer 9 in this test, and Firefox scores better than Minefield on this one, so  Firefox > TheWorld.

The Sixth Test is the Psychedelic test

The reason i did all this is because when test running TheWorld for the first time, i ran psychedelic test on it and it scores way higher than what any of my other browsers manage to reach.




it’s probably low for you if you get 83RPm but for this PC, it’s pretty impressive. hands down, TheWorld3 wins this one

Whatever Phoenix Studio(TheWorld creator) is doing, it’s definitely beneficial to the browser, as we can see in today’s match up, Firefox 4 is severely beaten by a relatively unknown browser.If Mozilla wants to continue to be known, they better up their game or it’ll be another Netscape incident.

But this is just data, the actual battle between browsers happens on the actual usability of the browser, TheWorld3 might be fast, but it is quite unresponsive at times and we had some minor difficulty using the new browser. We may be a bit biased towards Firefox because it has been the only browser we FNATECHs rely on, so why take our word for it? Try it for yourself.

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