Browsers Test Barrage

As we have mentioned in a previous post of ours, we will try out IE9 and look how it stands out against the other BETA browsers out there.

Contenders are:

Of course, Internet Explorer 9This is our main contender for the day, can it bring some respect to the tainted Internet Explorer lineage or will it be just another over-hyped browser? Created by Microsoft, it promises speed, stability and beauty, and from our preliminary try-outs, it performs way better than its predecessor Internet Explorer 8, not just in terms of performance, but visually too, but saying it defeats IE8 is not really saying much, as to not spoil anything and to keep the suspense intact.

Mozilla Minefield

Minefield ere’ is mah main browser,  it is soon to be the successor to Firefox and here at Fnatech, we prefer Firefox than other browsers just for its reputation of speed, stability, large add-ons library and reliability, and it’s no doubt one heck of a browser, created by the non-profit organization Mozilla, and supported by thousands of freelance developers, it is not without its flaws and it is far from perfect. How will it fare against the other browsers?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome took into the world in 2008, and it is still in its BETA stage, but it is here to stay, super fast, super stable, it is arguably the best browser among all the others. Created by the gargantuan company, Google, it is maintained by the best dedicated developers money can buy and it is gaining more users as time passes and if not for their habit of keeping track of its users, it would’ve been our browser of choice too. But for the sake of fairness, it is installed and put on trials against the other browsers here today.

and a guest browser, Opera 11.01

“My backup browser, i’m not counting on IE8 as my backup, so i got meself Opera and i want to see how well it goes against the other browser” – daevaBN

Not actually a BETA browser but since Opera doesn’t have an open-BETA browser, it is the latest Opera browser we could get. With a large fan-base consisting of users around the world, how can we, Fnatech, not include Opera in our match up for today?

And the computer’s specifications are as follows:

Note that the following tests are done with minimal background programs running and similar tests are done in similar environments, all the results are as it is. If you happen to acquire different results, it may be due to the difference in computer hardware and many other reasons.

First tests is the Acid3 test:

This test will determine the speed, the accuracy and the efficiency of the browser when rendering a webpage, the tests are colour coded for easy viewing, each box represent a task and if done properly will show the correct colour, failure to receive the correct colour might be due to the inability to understand the code, or they simply ran out of time to figure it out.


Internet Explorer 9



Results: Chrome=Opera>Minefield>Internet Explorer 9

Second test is the Sudoku test:

A test created by Microsoft to see how fast the browser renders HTML5 coding, and as it is created by Microsoft, it is obviously one of the site of improvements Microsoft was targeting for the new IE9. All the browsers are put through 10000 Sudoku puzzle on the insane level.


Internet Explorer 9




#1 Internet Explorer 9 – 2.758s

#2 Chrome – 2.839s

#3 Opera – 3.893s

#4 Minefield – 4.076s

Third test is the Sunspider Test:

basically it records the time taken by the browsers for their JavaScript performance, the shorter the time, the better.


Internet Explorer 9




Internet Explorer comes first again, and this time Chrome comes last, with Opera and Minefield having almost the same performance time.

Fourth Test is the Browsermark Test:

this test makes the browser do a series of calculation, the test is a combination of Sunspider and Acid3 test  and are counted by points and not time. More points the better.





Results:  Chrome>Opera>Minefield>IE9

This test is good, it actually forces the browser to perform the visual test at a fixed resolution, which means, Internet Explorer 9 can’t cheat their way out of this by running the test at a smaller resolution. Don’t understand what i’m saying? we’ll go to the next test.

The fifth test is the Animation Benchmark by TheManInBlue:

this test shows just how good the computer process code Canvas in HTML5, or in other word, it shows how fast a computer can draw. And since, the test is a continuous draw type, I just record the average Frame per second.


Minefield – 28FPS

Internet Explorer 9 – 23 FPS

Chrome – 43FPS

Opera -41FPS

The test was blurred for Internet Explorer 9 since it tries to draw it on a smaller resolution, and when it translate to my resolution it appears stretch and pixelated, like the effect you get when zooming into pictures.

The Sixth and Last test is the Psychedelic test:

this test let the browser draw a colourful picture and turn that picture really really fast, hence the name psychedelic. Oh and it’s not recommended for people that suffers from Epilepsy, even our tester’s eyes felt like it was gonna pop when he performed it.


Internet Explorer 9




this one, our tester had to retry the test for Opera and Chrome because their results are very bad, and it stays constantly bad. It can’t be hardware side, the tests are done on one laptop with similar environment for each browser. Internet Explorer 9 ran the test on a smaller resolution and had results ranging from 45-64Rpm. We tried reducing the resolution on Minefield and found out the performance grows exponentially the smaller the resolution is.


Overall, Internet Explorer have shown massive improvement in Java runtime and HTML5 rendering, while on the visual side, it’s abit slow since it relies on Hardware acceleration, which sadly, our test computer does not support, mainly because there’s not much hardware that can accelerate the visual rendering. Perhaps people with better graphics card will fare better when using Internet Explorer. This is however, only a Release Candidate and there is still alot of rooms for improvements before it’s actual release.

And to put it into ranks:

Internet Explorer – 13 points

Chrome -13 points

Opera -13 points

Minefield – 11 points

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